Darshna Salh, OD

Bonnie Smith, OTR/L, Certified Low Vision Therapist


​The Low Vision Service and Low Vision Rehabilitation of Central Florida combines the services of a team of optometrists who specialize in low vision and an occupational therapist who has certification as a low vision therapist.   Our team strives to help visually impaired patients maintain independence and participate in activities they previously enjoyed.  Our interdisciplinary team works with local physicians, eye specialists, and public service agencies to coordinate medical care, low vision training, and vocational rehabilitation. 


The optometrist establishes the degree of vision loss and remaining functional vision through a comprehensive eye history, trial frame refraction, contrast sensitivity testing, color testing, confrontational visual field testing, an undilated ocular health exam, and trials with a variety of low vision devices. 

After the exam, the occupational therapist begins visual skills training which may include eccentric viewing training for central vision problems.  She will work with you to identify areas of your daily activities which you feel are a problem and will begin training with prescribed devices.  Home or work visits are often recommended by the doctor for lighting assessments, glare assessments, and safety. 

Some of the adaptive aids recommended may include prismatic lenses, doublet microscope lenses, magnification devices, telescopic lenses, and electronic equipment.  

Our services require an appointment and this can be done by calling our office.